Thursday, January 17, 2019

Help Looking for a Job, Part 2

This kind of job search is  not new to me.

I became immersed in it beginning back in 2012.

The internet and social media Job Search.

I'm still polling my network, scanning the Want Ads, making the calls, putting out the information, extending feelers.

I'm ready and rearing to go knock on a door, shake a hand, meet a face - but the best connections for a Computer IT Technician is at the computer and online.

Companies that are hiring spend millions of dollars to post their job openings on internet job sites.

All companies have a Human Resources Department now - and they are scouring the internet for resumes and qualified employees.

You need to hook up with these job search sites. They are all free - and there are more than I have mentioned (here are my top):

Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor Jobs, Alabama JobLink -

Go to the site, register as a user (set up username and password to set up a free account), upload your resume, fill out all job site questionnaires and forms. 

Learn to do the job search queries at each site - find job fits and apply.

Sometimes you can apply for a job at the job search site - sometimes you are directed to the Employer's website. You can fill out an application there.

My email box and cell phone are flooded each day with possible job opportunities and job matches.

I spend as much time as I can every day filling out job applications and making internet networking contacts. Following up previous contacts, re-writing my resume, making calls, and trying to stay on top of where I am and what ground I have already covered.

It is "where it's at" in the 21st Century . . . see, Old Dogs CAN learn new tricks.

Give it a whirl if you are OLD!

If you are young - it may be the only way that you have ever heard of.

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