Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aunt Carrie's Painting

My Aunt Carrie had a painting similar to this on her living room wall in Pontiac, Michigan.

I remember standing in front of it and closely examining all of the little scenes and stories that are depicted in it. My imagination ran wild!

I must have been only 4 or 5 years old (1960 or 61 . . . Addison's age now) when I first noticed it. I believe that it freaked me out at first. I had no idea what was being portrayed in the painting, until Aunt Carrie explained that it showed Jesus coming in the clouds to raise the dead and carry his followers to Heaven. I was mystified.

I remember standing in front of the painting (it was wider and more expansive than the one pictured above) and even dragging a chair over to where it was hanging to get a closer look at the tiny details.

I studied it in awe . . . I had no frame of reference for it . . . and no faith or teaching to expand upon it.

When I was a teenager I became a Christian . . . and I had begun learning what the Bible teaches about Life after Death, Resurrection Day, and Judgment Day.  During our frequent trips to see our family in Pontiac I would always visit the painting like it was an old friend or a member of the Wallace family. Every time that I gazed at it I saw another story unfolding.

I have no doubt that this artist's gift . . . and the testimony of JP and Carrie Wallace were a part of God bringing me to himself.

I wonder where this painting is today . . . do you know?

Who painted it? How did Aunt Carrie come to possess it?

More importantly . . . will you go up . . . when He comes down?

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