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 Q&A: “Was the law nailed to the cross?" | United Church of God

            The approach of the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is a time of reflection and rededication for everyone who believes in him.  If we are careful, as we reexamine the words of the story of his life, suffering (passion), death, and resurrection as told to us in the four Gospels, we will learn something new (and helpful to our faith) with each new reading.

            Jesus not only suffered physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  Great shame and humiliation was a part of his passion.  He suffered from the physical pain, but also from the human indignity that he endured for us.

            As I was reading the words from the scriptures again I also examined many artist renditions and portrayals of Christ’s arrest, trial, execution and resurrection.  Many gifted people have drawn or painted representations of the scenes that are described in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  A new indignity came to my mind that I had never considered before.  I’m almost certain that this humiliating thought passed through our Savior’s mind as his execution began.  It concerns the nails.

            Jesus was raised by a human father (Joseph) whom the Bible calls a carpenter.  Jesus was also understood to be a carpenter and was often identified by others as being a representative of this vocation and occupation.  Understanding Jesus in view of this fact is illustrative.  Everything about being human was embraced by Jesus in the incarnation.  He allowed it all to effect him, to affect and influence him, to touch, mold and shape him.

            We must be careful, however, not to cast our modern understanding of the word carpenter back into ancient times.  Carpenter was the description of a vocation that was somewhat different from those whom we describe by that same word today.

            The Greek word techtone means “an artisan who fits things together.”  (Literally: a fitter, a technician).

            Jesus would have worked with stone (of great variety and kind), brick and tile (artificially crafted and manufactured stone), leather, cloth (fabric), and wood.  Not exclusively wood as we might imagine . . . and never metal.

            As a carpenter, Jesus was an artisan, a crafter of materials, a mason and layer of stone and tile.  He crafted and created things that would fit naturally one piece to another.

            Consider this:  the first and only nails that Jesus ever touched in his life was probably the ones that were violently driven into his hands during his execution.

            We quite commonly use screws, staples and nails as fasteners today.  We do not think anything about it. We join pieces of material by driving connecting nails into both and all.  But in Jesus’ day this would have been an obscenity.  The use of nails was a violation of the way that God made and created in his own role as Universal Carpenter.  Driving a nail into wood causes harm, it damages the wood, and mars the natural beauty of the surface.  Connecting materials with hammer and nails is violent, quick, easy, and lazy.   None of these things reflect what a true carpenter wanted to express with his work.  No self-respecting carpenter would ever create something by driving iron spikes into its material.

            Jesus was an expert at making joints, angles, slots, grooves and furrows that facilitated fitting pieces of material together without glue, mortar, or nails.  He could make the most beautiful table, chair, box or chest without using one single nail or metal fastener.  He shaped everything so that it ingeniously fit together.  Smoothly, easily, naturally.

            Imagine Jesus, the carpenter, with his hands stretched out on the beams of the cross.

            As he turns his head to watch the Roman soldier who was about to crucify him . . . he probably thought for a fleeting moment, “What a shame to mar the wood with such a crude and disfiguring tool.”  Just one more indignity of the cross that I had never before considered.  There was much more than we know . . . much more than we have yet imagined.

            “Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith (he fit it all together naturally); because of the joy that was set before him (salvation for humanity) he endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.  Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, if you don’t you might become weary and faint in your own minds.”

  Hebrews 12:2-3    JDB

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Remembering John A. Reed

 Remembering John A. Reed

I met John Reed while we were both attending the Morgan County High School in Hartselle, Alabama.  I entered the 7th Grade there from the Flint Elementary School in 1969.  We were in the same Grade and may have had some general classes together, but I do not remember.  I can't recall exactly when we met and began to get acquainted - but our friendship started and and developed outside of our school.

Dennis Bain - 7th Grade                    John Reed - 7th Grade

John and I connected through our common interest in Magic.

Not Magic, at all, really.  Tricks, illusions, prestidigitation.  Entertainment - not occultism or spiritism, wizardry, or sorcery. Nothing devilish or demonic - just pulling rabbits out of hats, card-throwing, and silk handkerchief dancing.

By age 12 I considered myself to be an amateur magician.  I had quite a collection of illusions and tricks and a repertoire of performing and presentation skills. At first I was developing this interest in a vacuum - but I soon began meeting others who had similar interests and goals related to this past-time. (I was FAR too committed to it to consider it a mere HOBBY!)

When I was 8 or 9 years old my Mother purchased a set of Child Craft Encyclopedias and I read every volume (the great beginnings into Nerdom) from first page to last.

There I met Harry Houdini (Eric Weiss 1874-1926) - the greatest Magician - Escape Artist - Spiritism Debunker - Author - and Entertainer in World History. I was hooked.

While still attending the Flint Elementary School, I discovered a book about Houdini offered in our 5th Grade Class Weekly Reader and book purchase program. It was a book by Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein entitled The Life - and secrets - of the master magician: The Great Houdini

I read the book until the pages were frayed. 

I worried my family to distraction by demanding that they tie me up with clothesline so that I could attempt to escape! Most often I was successful, but I think that my Dad tired of the game and occasionally would truss me up so that I had to beg to be released!

I moved from "escapism" to magic and illusions.

My "fate" was sealed when, while on a Family Vacation - my folks discovered that as we traveled through Canada - there was a very famous Houdini Magical Hall of Fame Museum in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Visiting that place as a child was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It contributed elements (and people) to my life that are still important to me today.

That is where I purchased my very first "real" magic tricks.  A Svengali Deck of Cards and a set of the Cups and Ball effect.  I was on my way!

Performing magic was attractive to me because I wanted desperately to connect with people.  I wanted to focus my attention on them without intrusion - and I wanted THEIR attention.  I was so shy and bashful that I had no ability to bridge the gap between me and others.  I had a severe inferiority complex and an outright FEAR of trying to speak to others or make any kind of introduction.  I was afraid that I would never have any friends - or ever have anyone even notice that I existed.

If you start showing a magic trick - the "patter" is contained in the trick instructions - all you have to do is start delivering the patter and showing the trick. The "audience" will look at you.  They will notice that you are there! And as long as the trick lasts - you can bask in their attention and admiration.  It was meeting a selfish need - but I also felt as if I was giving something that others wanted, too.  Something for THEM.

I would eventually discover that most "magicians" were people who were just like me.

They were socially awkward and hungry for the kind of attention that every human being craves. Magic provided a way for them to connect with people. Normal people actually LOVE other people, and want to be loved in return.  Some of us just never knew how we were going to make that kind of connection in the world.

I began building my "show" and my immediate and extended family members began to encourage me by asking me to perform at gatherings.  I began to receive invitations to perform at parties and celebrations.

I must have gained some area notoriety - because one day while my Mother was at her job at Kroger - checking out groceries for the customers - an elderly couple introduced themselves to her and said, "We heard that your son is a Magician!"  She was surprised and told them that was true.

They were Elmer and Elizabeth Newman.

I would later meet them and know that for many years they had performed as Professional Magicians all over the country.  He was The Great Newdini!

Elmer and Elizabeth Newman

The Newman's gave Mom a card and invited her to call them and bring me over to their house in Decatur to meet them.  I remember when Mother told me about this - I would not let her rest until she called and set up my first meeting with the Newman's.  

We went to their home and they entertained us and taught me - for hours! I will never forget their magical kindness and generosity.  They had a special room in their home that was dedicated to magic.  The walls and shelves were lined with props, posters, and magic equipment. I was dazzled to say the least.

I left that first visit with my arms and mind full of magic tricks - and two pieces of important information:  There was a magic shop in Birmingham, Alabama --- and there was another student that attended my school who was a Magician, just like me.

Ronald Patterson records that the name of the magic shop was the Merhs Magic Shop. The Dealer there who managed the novelty, party, and magic store was Robert Chadwick.

Before the next Christmas after meeting the Newmans, my Mom gave me $50.00 and told me we could go the the Magic Shop in Birmingham and I could spend that allowance on magic for my Christmas that year.  I'm not sure that I realized what I wonderful Mother I had when I was just growing up - but I know that I was excited and grateful.  Memories like that warm my heart now more that magic or music ever has.  She was the best Mom, and I miss her.

When we walked into the shop, Bob Chadwick was behind the counter and he was friendly and exuberant.  I don't remember any other customer's coming into the shop while we were there, but Bob showed us 20 or 30 tricks that fit my level of experience and budget.  I spent every penny of my Christmas allowance.

My Mom was particular about things like that - she confiscated all of my newly purchased magic - and hid it away so that I couldn't see it at all again until Christmas morning!

*Note:  Just off the cuff - while we were shopping - Bob just incidentally peeled a playing card off of a desk and made it vanish into thin air!  He taught me everything that he knew about back palming cards (in about 10 minutes).  That lesson was one of the most important lessons in magic I was to ever receive.  Card Back Palming is my favorite thing to learn or do in all of magic.   (YouTube Video:  Backpalming Cards) (Amazon Book on Back Palming).

I really got my money's and memories worth that day!

Elmer Newman gave me John Reed's telephone number in Hartselle.  Elmer asked me if I knew him - I didn't, and I could not recall having met him at all.

When I got home, I called John and we introduced each other by phone.  We met at school on the first occasion that we could and he invited me to come and see his magic collection at his home. I soon visited with him and would do so many times after our first meeting.

John and I were the same age, and we WERE in the same Grade at Morgan County High School.  I learned that John loved magic for much the same reason that I did.  He was a very pleasant and friendly young person with a smiling face - but he was very shy and insecure. He struggled with his weight and all of the social and health difficulties that come with being an over-weight child and then teenager.

Magic was his bridge into society and much desired attention and acceptance.
John's photo from the MCHS Yearbook in 1972 

We became very good friends and often got together to exchange magic tips and tricks.
John worked hard and saved and made money performing magic --- and every bit of what he earned went right back into magic.  He had the largest collection of magic equipment and historical memorabilia that I have ever seen. He often bought magic from Elmer, Ron Patterson and myself (and his other magician acquaintances).
Once Ron told me that he used to love going over to John's house (or later his Magic Museum) to "visit" his old magic equipment that he had sold to John. Ha! 
When I was graduated from High School I was headed to college and needed money more that I needed magic.  So, I sold just about everything that I had collected over the years to John before I left.  It was to be several years before I would see John again.  I lost track with him and many other friends from home during the years that followed.
In 1997 the Decatur Civitans organization sponsored a charity magic show at the Princess Theater.  I was invited to perform in that show with many of my other magician friends from the past.

It was a realization of a childhood dream to perform before a packed house at the Princess Theater - the site of so many memories of my youth.
Backstage at the Princess Theater in 1997 preparing to perform
Houdini's famous Chain-bar escape.

But a greater thrill came the following year when the Civitans sponsored their second fund-raising show - and Ronald Patterson was on the performance list - and my old friend, John Reed.
My daughter, Charise, and one of her friends helped on stage that year as I performed Harry Blackstone's Dancing Handkerchief. (I know that someone filmed that show - I sure wish that I could find out who it was, and if they still have that old movie.)

But to make that day one that I will never forget - John Reed asked me to perform his wedding ceremony between shows!

The reason that I had left home for college was to receive my education toward becoming a Minister.  I became a Christian in 1970 and was licensed as a Gospel Minister in 1973 (I was 16 years old). I was ordained to my first pastoral position in 1977. 

In 1998 I was pastor at the Oak Park Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama.  John contacted me when he learned that we would all be on the stage together in the Civitan Show.  I had never met his intended (Mitzi), but I happily agreed to serve - and then learned that Ron would be his Best Man.

John and Mitzi Reed
(Photo belonging to Ronald Patterson)
When I saw John before the first show --- it had been many years since we had been about to get together. He was almost unrecognizable.  He had overcome his problems with weight and the accompanying difficulties - he was small and slender!
The wedding was a beautiful, Fairy Tale Affair and a most wonderful memory.
During the following years - John and Mitzi would visit me at Church at Oak Park.  It was always good to see him.  We never performed together again.
John passed away on September 15, 2003. He was only 47 years old.
He was gone and buried before I had even heard that he had passed.  I'm sorry that I never heard of his illness and did not get to say goodbye to him before he left.
Here is his Obituary:

John Reed Obituary

Funeral for John A. Reed, 47, of Hartselle will be Thursday at 11 a.m. at Peck Funeral Home Chapel with Milan Dekich officiating.

Burial will be in Hartselle Memory Gardens. Visitation will be tonight from 6 to 9 at the funeral home.

Mr. Reed died Monday, Sept. 15, 2003, at Decatur General Hospital. He was born Feb. 28, 1956, in Morgan County to Alvie E. Reed and Eula A. Reed. He was a Baptist and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Survivors include two brothers, Jimmy A. Reed and his wife Mitzi of Decatur, and Tommy Joe Reed and his wife Lisa of Hartselle; two half-sisters, Rita Wagner of Dearborn Heights, Mich., and Syble Zembo of Raleigh, N.C.

Pallbearers will be friends and relatives.

John's Grave Marker in the Hartselle Memory Gardens

 On John's wedding day he drew me aside backstage behind the curtains before the ceremony was to begin. He had a gift for me.

He had a gift wrapped that about twice the size of a shoe box.
I opened it.
It was an old magic trick that I had sold him years before when I was leaving for college.
I can't imagine was possessed me to sell it --- John could probably see the pain on my face when I parted with it.
It was the very first stage-level magic trick that I had ever made.  It was a production box.
I was not a very good carpenter - but I was proud of the final product.  I could show the box empty and then produce scarves, doves, or live rabbits from it.  I thought that it was perfect.
I showed it to one of my friends in High School, Linda Cocke.  She was in the grade above mine and she was a very talented artist.  She asked if she could borrow the box and put some decorations on it.  I agreed - and what had been a functional piece of purely magical equipment became a work of art. Linda made it beautiful.  I will never part with it again. It sits on the shelf in the study that I am writing from with all of my other magic memories.

I miss John A. Reed.
I recently saw Ron, at his brother Anthony's funeral.  We talked about John.
Ron reached into his pocket and produced a small package -- every time I see Ron - if he knows that we will meet - he always brings me something from his collection. 
I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people that God has brought through my life.  They have been, by far, the most important things IN my life so far, and I know that good friends will line my path the rest of the way.



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Bains - and Outlander


Outlander is a Television show that began airing in August of 2014 on the STARZ broadcast network.  It is work of fiction based upon historical events in Scotland in 1743 and the years following. The stories for the show are drawn from novels written by Diana Gabaldon (The Outlander Series).

 The main character is an American woman who served as a battle-field nurse during World War II (1945) - Claire Randall. She is cast back in time from a stone hinge that she stumbles into in the hills of Scotland (Inverness) while on a romantic trip after the war with her husband, Frank Randall.

She appears as a stranger (an Outlander) in Scotland's war-torn past, during the Jacobite uprisings. The Jacobites were a group of Scottish and English rebels during this time frame, who fought to restore James VII of Scotland (James II of England - a Catholic) and his Stuart descendants to the throne of Scotland and England.

Claire falls in with the MacKenzie Clan as they fight and flee the pursuit of British Redcoats - and there she meets a rebel leader named Jamie Fraser. He fights alongside his uncles Colum and Dougal MacKenzie in a fugitive rebel band.

Claire and Jamie marry in an act that saves him from execution, but they fall in love, and the rest of the story is about their romantic and sometimes tragic lives together.

The story and its drama are exceptional, the romance is soupy, the violence and the morality (or rather immorality) that is often portrayed sometimes make the tale difficult for me to watch, but the historical accuracy of the background and foundation is a superb quality of the show.

The places, castles, battles and many of the families, clans and customs are taken right out of the historical records. The actors are even required often to speak the Scottish Gaelic language for effect. Costuming, clothing, furnishings, and weaponry are all 100% authentic-looking.

Though Claire and Jamie were never real people, and time travel is not possible -- the viewer (or reader) is taken back in a very real way to 1743 Scotland.

And though Bains are not mentioned (that I have heard, at least) in the story line, we were joined by marriage in real life to the MacKenzies and the Frasers. (See Outlander: Our Scottish Clan). 

Alexander Bane 2nd Laird (Lord) of Tulloch Castle was married to Agnes Fraser (his second wife), who was the daughter of James Fraser. She was also the niece of Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord Lovat (a family title granted by the King of England).  

Duncan Bane 3rd Laird of Tulloch Castle was married to Isabel MacKenzie (his second wife) who was the daughter of Alexander MacKenzie II of Fairburn. 

John Bane 4th Laird of Tulloch Castle was married to Elizabeth MacKenzie daughter of Roderick MacKenzie I.

 Sir Hugh Fraser 
Lady Agnes Fraser 



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Everybody Knows

If you are a Fake or a Phony or a Fraud  --

Everybody knows.

If you are a Pretender, an Actor, a Deceiver, an Imitator, an Impostor.

Everybody knows.

If you are a Counterfeit, a Confederate -- if you are false or not genuine.

Everybody around you -- Everyone that really knows you -- they already know.

You're not fooling anybody. Everybody knows.

You may smile and nod your head, but the people that you dislike know how you feel. They know what you are thinking and they know what you say about them behind their backs.

You may smoozle up to people and adore them with praise, kowtow before them with empty adulation and condescension -- but the people that you despise - the people that you hate - the people who are the subjects of your attempts at deceit actually know the truth about you - in spite of the grand hoax that you are - and that you present.

I know that you will not believe this at all - but the people who live their lives around you are not fooled in the slightest.

Everybody knows.

I began my preaching ministry when I was 14 years old. I took my first Church staff position when I was 16 and accepted my first pastoral position when I was 20.

So, I began working for the Lord - but for and with people.

This may seem like a funny thing to say (it sounds funny to me!), but only a few years into my ministry to people, I began to believe that God had given me a special Spiritual Gift.

I truly thought that He had given me the special ability and insight to be able to "read" people.  I thought that I could judge character and motive, and that I could know what people were really thinking. I was able to look behind every mask and facade - every pretentious face and presentation - to the truth.

And then as I grew and matured - I realized with great chagrin that I was not special at all -- because everybody knows.

God LOVES exposing hypocrites. He is continually shinning light on dark souls that are trying to portray themselves as Bright Angels. He thrills at having counterfeits hoist on their own petard and foiled by their own falseness.

And He does this ALL THE TIME.

Jesus said in Luke 12:2 -
"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known."

Remember what President Lincoln said?

"You can fool All of the People some of the time . . . 
and Some of the People all of the time . . . 
but you cannot fool All of the People, All of the time."

Yes - there may be a few people whom you are presently bamboozling. But eventually they will find out about you. They will figure you out - or rather, you will give yourself away.

Most people who know you -- already know about you.

Just ask somebody who lives in proximity to you -

"Do you think that I am genuine? Do you think that I am REAL?"

But be careful - you MIGHT have fooled YOURSELF - and you might be in for a terrible disappointment or embarrassment.

Numbers 32:23 says: "Be sure - your sin will find you out."

So - when you are smiling your biggest smile at me, shaking my hand, patting my back, or hugging my neck - I just wanted to let you know -

Everybody knows.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Why I Believe

Lydia:   Acts 16:14

"One of the people who was there in Philippi was Lydia, who was from the city of Thyatira. She was a Merchant who sold expensive purple cloth. She was a worshiper of the Lord God, and He opened her heart so that she would accept what Paul was saying."

Why am I a Believer in God?

Why do I believe in Jesus?

I'm not a particularly Religious or Spiritual person.

I am not unusually reflective, contemplative, or Philosophical.

I am not given to superstition, cult, occult, or magic (only card, coin, and rope tricks! Ha!).

I do not believe in UFO's, Area 51, Roswell, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, fairies, nymphs, sprites, leprechauns, spooks, ghosts, or monsters in the dark or under the bed.

I no longer believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy (though in my childhood, I did). 

I know that Superman, Spider Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harry Potter are all fictional, fantasy, characters of imagination and imaginary fun and entertainment.

I am skeptical and doubtful. I am suspicious and nearly impossible to convince. There is VERY little in this whole world that I believe in.

So . . . why do I believe in God? Why do I believe so deeply and profoundly in Jesus?

The Bible says that God opened Lydia's heart - and it became possible for her to believe the message that the Apostle Paul was preaching in the City of Philippi.

There were, no doubt, others by that river side on that day in that story (Acts 16) who saw the same Paul and heard the same message. Others who did NOT believe.

Lydia did not believe because of the persuasiveness or perfection of Paul's message. She was not swayed by his delivery or the ecstasy of the circumstance or situation. She was not slain by the clarity of the speaker's intellect or the alluring music of his words.

Ha! In one of Paul's letters, 2 Corinthians 10:10, Paul states that he had heard his preaching described this way:  "They say my bodily presence is WEAK and my speech is CONTEMPTIBLE!"

No, the Apostle Paul was not a crowd-drawing dynamo of Kool Aid pouring preaching. 

I was not raised in Church. 

My Mother sent my brother and I to Vacation Bible School every summer, but we seldom attended Sunday School or Church.

I can say that I enjoyed all of the boys and girls of VBS, but I remember clearly NEVER enjoying or wanting to go to Sunday Church. I always felt as if I were being punished for something that I did not do. 

My Mother's Mother - was the only religious person that I knew, and though I loved her dearly - it always chaffed me to have to join her in her bedroom for Bible reading and prayer each night when she came to stay with us.

Ah, you might say, you were being swayed, indoctrinated, brain-washed by VBS stories and the stories of your Grand Mother.

Believe ME!

I was NOT.

I can tell you with ALL certainty that I was not intellectually, mentally, psychologically, scientifically, or philosophically inclined to ANYTHING  about ANY religion, God, or Christianity. I was not even interested or curious. I was not wayward, struggling, or seeking.  I did not feel lost or searching.

I was not timid, malleable, shapeless, vacuous, sheepish, or waiting for or looking longingly for a Svengali or Mesmer moment in my life. I was clear-headed, strong-willed, and self-aware.

And then, one day - God opened my heart.

And I believed.

I have no other explanation. I am sure that Lydia had none.

In the Bible (also in the Book of Acts, chapter 13, verse 48), it says that "When they heard the story about Jesus, they were very glad and thanked the Lord for his message; and all who were chosen for eternal life became believers."

Jesus Himself told his disciples, "You didn't choose ME - I chose YOU!" (John 15:16)

Jesus came purposefully to the Tax and Custom Table of Matthew and said, "Follow me."

On the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus said to Peter, James and John, "Follow me - I'm going to make you fishers for men."

EVERY ONE of Jesus' followers could make the same claim. THAT is why they followed Him. THAT is why THEY believed.

Jesus told the EXTREMELY Religious and Pious Pharisee, Nicodemus, that the only way that he would ever be able to SEE (perceive, grasp, accept, believe) what Jesus was talking about was if he experienced a New Birth that came from Above.

Believers are not smarter, more intelligent, more perceptive, more spiritual, or more receptive than unbelievers. They just have a heart that has been opened by God.

The only thing that makes believers special - is that God has opened their hearts. He didn't open their hearts because they were special. 

When I preach, teach, sing, and lead in matters of my faith - I am not trying to influence, sway, convince, or persuade others to believe. I have no interest in indoctrinating, mesmerizing, brain-washing, or programming minds to accept or adopt my bent or will or the dogma of ANY religion.

All I am called to do is share the story of Jesus - as Paul said, not with words of worldly wisdom or regal rhetoric. Just simple speech - communication.

And I wait for God to open the hearts of those who hear.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tara Dunham Mission Trip to the Philippines

Mission Pancake Breakfast

At Walnut Grove Baptist Church

Saturday, May 11 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00

Sponsored by
Walnut Grove Baptist Church
and Ray McNutt

Tara Dunham

Mission Trip to the Philippines

The meal is free
Donations will be accepted in support of Tara’s trip.

From June 30th to July 14th, I will be part of the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association's summer mission team in the Philippines.
We are going out in groups to different schools to tell of the Good News of Jesus.
Some of these kids have never heard of Jesus before and we hope to be God's instruments in exposing them to their true Savior. Our days will start early, around 4 a.m., and we will be working all day traveling to the different schools to give our testimonies and talking to the school kids. We'll have to get to bed around 7pm so that we're ready for the next day.
My main hope is for God to inspire others through my words so that they form a lasting relationship with Jesus.
 I appreciate your prayers and support.
 Thank you,