Friday, March 1, 2019

No Prayer in School?

Did our Government remove prayer from our schools?


From 1969 to 1974 I attended Morgan County High School. In 1970 I became a Christian and I began a life of praying wherever I was.

I prayed in school every day -- all throughout the day. No one ever stopped me, or even tried.

Quite a few Christians met every morning in the MCHS Chorus room for singing, scripture-reading, and prayer --- all through my high school years. Many of my classmates said a prayer in the lunchroom before eating (quite a few of us prayed before we took a test!).

I carried my Bible on top of my school books every day as I went from class to class. Whenever I had a free minute or two I would read from the Bible until the bell rang.

In my Junior and Senior years -- School Teachers and Administrators often found me in class or on campus and asked me to come to a private place to meet and have prayer with another student. I have no idea what the rules were and I didn't care (obviously they didn't either).

When our Government passes laws that forbid us from praying, reading the Bible, sharing our faith, or gathering as believers to worship . . . those laws will not stop us from being believers and followers of Jesus. We will willingly submit to arrest, imprisonment, or any punishment according to the laws that have been passed. We will not fight, march, protest, or respond in violence.
But Governments cannot stop us. They never have.

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