Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Writing a Good Resume, Part 2

Still working on my Computer Tech Resume.

I have finished (for now) writing my one-page resume.

I have saved every variation of it and all of my work-product in Microsoft Word so that I can go back and review other versions to pick and choose or rewrite as needed.

I try to do as much research on the job to which I am applying so that I can specifically fine-tune my resume just for that particular situation.

 I have a wide range of skills and experience after over 20 years using, working with, and on computers and you can't fit them all on one page. So, I can be completely accurate and truthful - and STILL have a hundred different resume forms.

NOW I need an Expanded Resume. One that is a little more thorough and goes into greater detail. I use this when I am contacted by someone who says, "This looks good, but can you tell me a little bit more?"

If you are worth hiring - they KNOW that there must be more to you than a single page!

Don't be afraid to ask them exactly what they are looking for - then craft your expanded resume to suit their description. Again - don't gloss or manufacture skills, knowledge, or experience - just tell them some important things that were not included on your one-page.

Here is an example of my Expanded Resume:

Page 1

Page 2
Page 3 
Page 4 
Page 5 
This expanded document IS expanded - but what I am looking for is an face to face INTERVIEW. This document does not contain everything about me, but it should be enough to encourage the Employer to want to meet me.

This document is not static. I write and rewrite it often to make sure that it is fresh and complete. 

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