Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Writing a Good Resume, Part 1


Haven't done this in over 3 years! Let's see if I can still ride this bike.

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to change jobs?

Well, I still have my ministerial position as pastor of the Walnut Grove Baptist Church, but my work is finished for the Konica Minolta Company (All Covered/HTPT). I have been working per a contract since 2015 - and the contract was not renewed for 2019.

So, have recreated my resume -- and I am getting it out into the job and hiring market. 

Since I'm having to brush up on my resume writing skills I thought that I would put some of the process on a blog, so that it might be helpful to someone else.

My resume is electronic (computer generated) and I can save it in any number of popular formats. Folks whose job it is to review or find resumes seem to prefer PDF format or Microsoft Word. Almost anyone who has a PC can open a PDF file, but if you are using Word, be sure to save it in a popular or older version. If you save it in a top-flight, brand new version of Microsoft Word, not everyone can open it.

I can always print my resume to paper if requested, but generally I do not print it unless there is a specific request or if I have the opportunity for a face to face with a hiring agent and can hand deliver the document.

I have been convinced by the experts who recommend a single-page resume as the basic document. Here is mine: 

This is what I call my Computer Tech Resume.

This specific document is for Employers who are looking to hire someone who does IT (Information Technology) or computer work. It does not contain any information about other kinds of work that I have done or am doing. To ME my whole life experience is relevant to who I am and what I do - but this is the nutshell version of me for someone who is seeking to hire someone with my skills and experience in the PC Technology World.

If you wish to use the snapshot above as a model for your own resume - be my guest.

1. Name
2. Description and Objective 
3. Contact information
4. Recent Employment History (10-15 years)
5. Relevant formal Education
6. Several pertinent statements that I know are of interest to thos
      who are looking for IT workers.

Just one page. Write it as many times as you need to make it sharp,
succinct, informative, and viewable at a glance.

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