Thursday, January 24, 2019

Does God care about your CAT?

This IS Lollibell's Happy Face!
And THESE are the Happy Faces that I care most about.


You mean to tell me that the Creator of the whole universe, the Omnipotent Maker, the Sovereign God of all that there is - cares one whit about Lollibell the Cat?!?


If you believe in the God in Whom I believe - He does.

Because He cares about YOU.

And He cares about everything that you care about.

"If you will pile everything that you care about and everything that you worry about on God's shoulders, He will care FOR you."        
I Peter 5:7

You see - Lollibell is missing.

She is an indoor/outdoor cat, and earlier this week she went outdoors - and she hasn't returned.

We don't have pets in our home any more (apart from babysitting the granddogs from time to time). They bring great joy, but over many, many years we learned that they leave your home for a great variety of reasons and with sad frequency (relative to human years and existence). It just became more than we could bear, and we placed all of our attention on family members who do not have fleas, need to be walked, or need their litter box changed. 

Lollibell seems to be kind of a grumpy cat. She doesn't have an anthropomorphic smile or a human-like happy face. And she isn't all that friendly, it seems to me.

She loves my girls.

And for some reason the darned thing crawls up in MY lap every time I go over to visit the Buel's. She insists that I pet her, she never acknowledges me, never looks up into my face, or even purrs! When I have shown her some attention, she flips her tail up (at nothing and no one in particular) and jumps down to get back out of sight and out of everyone's mind.

One might postulate that a God who is so Great and Powerful and Magnificent would not POSSIBLY care about one single person among His billions of creatures, let alone their cat, or dog, or canary.

But, I believe that He is so Great and Powerful and Magnificent  that He not only has the supernatural ability to care about each and every one of His creatures and creations as if it were singular and alone, but He also CHOOSES to care.

Cats come back.

And I believe that cats that belong to little girls that pray to a Caring God are in very good hands. 

God may or may not choose to bring Lollibell home, but we can believe that no matter what - God is caring for her.

God cares about everything and everyone that is a part of your life. It is all in His hands. God brings wonderful things and wonderful people into our lives, but none of them come to stay forever. Eventually we have to say goodbye to everything and everyone. That is a hard part of life, but a part.

I don't know how many lives Lollibell has - but I know that all Nine of them were given to her by a Great and Caring God. 

And he has blessed US to be a part of one of those Nine!

Perhaps there is more.

Keep an eye out for a gray and white, surly-faced, unsociable cat. She doesn't answer to anyone but Addison Buel, but you might try calling her Lollibell to see if she will come to you, so that you can return her to her home.

And say a prayer.

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