Monday, March 27, 2017

I Done!


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It amuses me that scientists have become (in the past 100 years) so solidly enthralled by the Big Bang Theory.

Atheistic Evolutionists even seem settled upon the theory as the most plausible description of how our universe came into being. As Dr. Adrian Rogers once said humorously, "Evolutionists believe the equation:

No one + Nothing = EVERYTHING


And they mock us for our faith.

Top Physicists laboring in, teaching in, and writing from the world's most esteemed institutions of higher learning propose infinite multi-verses where there exist millions of realities parallel to our own, filled with our near-exact doppelgangers. They suggest that matter can alternately or simultaneously manifest itself as particle AND wave. Most of them swear by a String Theory that cannot be proven by empirical testing or laboratory observation. They postulate time-travel, teleportation, human life born from a vat, genetic perfection, physical eternal life and other magic . . . and still have no regard for the metaphysical.

I see the possibility in many of these ideas . . . and I am intrigued by and interested in some of the wildest theories. But all of it seems to carry the possibility of being truly more outlandish than anything that I believe about God or the Bible.

They do not all believe with uniformity and solidarity in their own theories. And some of their beliefs are flawed in conception or at the very least in description. For instance . . . there is NO SOUND in the vacuum of space. So, a Big Bang is completely out of the question.

Oh, it's just a misnomer or a mis-description. Physicists who strive for a more accurate wording have begun to refer to their hypothesis of the instantaneous beginning of the universe as the Big Flash.

Rather than a great, loud explosion . . . the beginning of all things began with a silent flash. Instead of someone (or for them . . . no one) having lit a great fuse . . . it is more like someone might have said, "Let there be LIGHT!"


But even if the Biblical description is an accurate description of what scientists have described as the Big Bang . . . "Let there be light" are still not (to me) the most important and momentous words ever spoken in the cosmos.

In the video clip at the top of this entry you can see my Granddaughter, Avery, trying to chime in and read to my Mother (her Granny) after her older sister, Addison, has just concluded an actual reading session . . . showing proudly her new abilities with the written word.

But, since Avery was only bluffing, her performance did not last long.

"I done!"

Her statement brought to my mind that element of my faith concerning a similar statement of finality.

"It is finished!" 

(Among Jesus' final words while dying on the Roman Cross of execution recorded in John's Gospel chapter 19 verse 30).

"It is done."  "It stands complete."

"I done."

What is done? 

"This is Ted Stossel with FNBC and I have on our show today several entities of great note that have reluctantly consented to a brief interview in relation to the events of this important administrative and Messianic pronouncement.

Here with me are Sin, Death, Hell, and the Grave. Sin, can you sum up your situation after this important statement?"

Ted thrusts his microphone into the face of Sin, who seems almost unwilling to speak up.


"Uh . . . ah . . . I done."

Ted, refusing to be stone-walled, "Death?"

"Uh . . . yeah . . . . I done, too," he responded defeatedly.

"Hell? . . . the Grave?" They both just silently nodded and pointed in unison to their cohorts who had already answered the question.

"Well," said Ted trying to regroup, save the interview and move on, "I also have a very special guest who has been on our program many times before . . . Lucifer. Mr. Lord of Darkness, what do you have to say about this historic and literally earth-shaking pronunciation?"

The Devil is sullenly silent . . . refusing to answer.

"Uh . . . Sin spoke up out of turn, "Ted  . . . uh, He done, too."

"Well there you have it folks . . . not a very enthusiastic interview . . . but it seems that these have said all that they have to say. Perhaps all that they can say. They are, in fact, truly . . . Finished.

Ted Stossel, FNBC . . . out."

Sin, Death, Hell, the Grave, and the Great Adversary of all Humanity made insignificant, unimportant, and irrelevant to believers by Christ's work on Calvary's Cross.

In MY Eschatology (belief of last things) there remains no need for further tidying up, wrapping up, or tying loose ends together. In the mind of the Creator EVERYTHING that was required to be addressed or brought to conclusion was accomplished by Jesus on Golgotha. The fruit of Jesus' death began to immediately be realized (made real) and actualized (made actual) from the moment that His work was finished.

Sin, Death, Hell, the Grave, the Devil . . . you are ALL DONE . . . you are FINISHED!

I have no need to fear or dread you . . . to suffer defeat or despair because of you . . .  You Done!

During this time of preparation for Easter Celebration . . . I rejoice in what I believe . . . in WHOM I believe.

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