Monday, November 24, 2014

Windows 10 Virtual Preview Release Published!

My latest book is computer-related instead of on the spiritual or religious side.

I offer step by step instructions with color screen captures that will guide you through the process of installing Windows' coming new operating system - Windows 10 - on your computer in a virtual environment.

What is that?

If you take a close look at the cover of the book you will see a screen cap of my own computer desktop.  I'm running Windows 7 on my computer, but I have Windows 10 installed to run on my desktop in a virtual machine. I now have a computer within a computer!

I can run Windows 10, examine it, evaluate it, and learn all that I need to know about it before it is released in 2015.  Then, I can simply delete the program - and my computer is back to its original state.

And . . . once you have learned the easy process of setting up a virtual machine . . . you can run a wide range of operating systems on your PC without affecting your current installation.

You can find the book on Amazon!

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